6. What are the file formats I can save my PosterGenius posters?

With PosterGenius™ you can save your poster as either a .pgx or a .pdf.

The .pgx file type is the native PosterGenius™ format. The .pgx format allows for collaborative work across a team of poster authors. You can send a fully editable version of your poster as a .pgx to colleagues that also have PosterGenius™ installed. They well then be able to open the poster and have access to all the content including text, graphs and images as well as the chosen template. As a result, they will be able to review the poster and make any corrections needed.

PDF (Portable Document Format)
The .pdf file type is a special format designed by Adobe Systems Incorporated. for document exchange. It is ubiquitous across operating systems and over the internet and allows for high quality printing. Its advantages include

  • the possibility to deliver your poster for printing to any printing service across the globe, being sure they will be able to open and printout your poster independent of the application software, hardware, and operating system they possess, without file incompatibility issues, missing fonts, misplacement of text and graphs,
  • high quality color result on the printed poster,
  • the possibility to send your poster to colleagues through email or post it on your website or blog and be sure anyone will be able to open and view it, with standard software, as most modern browsers can open .pdf files.