The best templates for your scientific posters

PosterGenius® includes a library of 100+ professional templates for your scientific posters. The templates cover a variety of topics like Medicine, Science, Engineering, Nature and Art.

Every template features design, photography and a series of typographical settings which have been researched and implemented so that your poster presentation looks great and stands out for its readability1.


It's easy to find a template that suits you

The templates are sorted into thematic categories and subcategories so you can easily locate those templates that match your needs.

Template selection

Templates concept

Format your scientific poster with different templates

Even if you can not decide which one you prefer, you can try formatting your scientific poster with more than one templates. Regardless of your content, each PosterGenius® template will provide you with a professional result.

Multiple Templates

New templates

To enrich the library of PosterGenius® templates, new templates are made available at regular intervals and may be obtained directly from SciGen™ Technologies.

Custom-made, unique templates for your scientific posters

We also create original templates that are designed in accordance with your wishes and needs. For example, you may order templates specifically designed for your laboratory, clinic, or department.

Contact us to have our skilled staff undertake the design of your own unique templates.

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1All photography and design included in the templates have been created by or for SciGen Technologies and are licensed for use exclusively with PosterGenius®.