Unique features of PosterGenius

Optimal reading distance

Informs the user in real-time about the optimal distance by which the content of his poster is easily readable. As a result, the poster author is sure his text and graphs will be easily readable in the conference hall.

Optimal reading distance indicator

Poster optimizer

Automatically adjusts a series of typographic parameters such as font-size, line-height and paragraph space to make the content perfectly fit to the available space on the poster, while maintaining an aesthetic result.

Content optimizer

Image optimizer

Each time the user adds one or more images to the poster, PosterGenius® automatically arranges them and calculates optimal image sizes given the poster dimensions, number of columns and a series of other parameters.

Image optimizer

Content QuickReview

Formats the content in a way which makes it easy to read and review on the computer screen while providing easy navigation through poster sections.

Content QuickReview

100+ of the best templates for your scientific posters

PosterGenius® includes 100+ professionally designed templates for your scientific posters. The templates are classified in thematic categories such as "Science", "Medicine", "Engineering", "Nature", and "Art". Learn more »


e-poster ready

PosterGenius® generates high quality e-posters that can be submitted and viewed on high-resolution Plasma, LCD or LED Displays, at a growing number of conferences worldwide.

e-poster ready

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