4. Why do I get an "Activation has failed" message?

You have tried to activate your PosterGenius™ and saw a message that "Activation has failed". Possible reasons why this might happen are:

  1. Your internet connection might be experiencing problems. Please try navigating to any web page with your web browser. If the page does not load, it means there is indeed a problem with your internet connection. Contact your internet provider.
  2. In some cases, the "firewall" installed in your computer might prevent PosterGenius™ from contacting the central servers of SciGen Technologies, Inc., a procedure which is necessary for activation. If your firewall asks you to allow PosterGenius™ to connect to the internet, please press "yes" or "allow". However, in some cases some firewalls might not prompt for permission and just prevent connection. This has been observed in some cases with newer versions of firewall software.
    The best thing to do in this case, is to temporarily deactivate your firewall until "online activation" is accomplished. If you do not know how to deactivate your firewall, or if you do not have the permission to deactivate the firewall installed in your computer, please contact your system administrator. Right after PosterGenius™ is activated you may activate your firewall again.